ISL Umrah/Soccer 2018

ISl continues to embark on the Initiative that started a few years ago, that took our kids in March 2012, 2014 and 2016 to Umrah and Soccer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have started planning for the forth Umrah / Soccer Tournament in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and looking forward to the ISL families participation. InshaAllah the time frame is March break of 2018.

InshaAllah, we are hoping to take 1 Girl team U18, and 3 Boys teams, U12, U14 and U16.

The overall purpose of this initiative is to leverage the sport values of soccer to build both character as well as the community – key element of the ISL mission over the years. Also, it is anticipated that the initiative will be InshaAllah a recurring event every 2 years.

Target Group

Each of the age groups above will include players from each age category in the House League.

Player Selection and Expectation

The players will be selected from registered players for the two seasons prior to the year of tour. Players will be expected to do tryouts from the season and 25 -30 players in each division will be asked to do additional workouts and require to go through an intense training program to prepare them to become the best, both in terms of performance as a player (skill, training and development) as well as demonstrated character building all towards the final selection and inclusion in the ISL Representative Team comprising 15 – 16 players per age group.

Selection will be based on several factors; Skills are not the only measure.

ISL will subsidize PART of players trip cost. The league will require the players to participate in several fund raising ventures, including presentations, car wash events, food sales and other initiatives.

In addition, the selected teams and players may be required to participate in other promotional activities for donor organizations that may be donating funds to subsidize the trip and may require ISL to deliver promotional messages to local communities as a recipient organization to promote the donor organization(s).

Mark your calendar

Tryouts will be Held on Sunday July 9th and Sunday July 16th 2017. (9:00 am to 12:00 noon).

Only for players from the above Age Categories.

  • Girls at White Heaven Field
  • Boys at Major Abbas Ali Park

More information will be posted as they become available.