The Islamic Soccer League’s mission is simply stated: Building Islamic character through sports. The ISL is committed to providing all parents and players with a rewarding, enjoyable playing experience tailored to helping players become more confident, assertive, independent and self-controlled. Through soccer, the ISL works to instill a stronger sense of self-worth in its players based on their development of the skills and understanding of the game. With dedicated volunteers and strong leaders, the ISL looks to direct the next generation of individuals by guidance and example in both character and in sport.┬áIn this regard, the ISL outlined several objectives.


  • Establish a disciplined house league and sports environment for the Muslim community that will help develop brotherhood and will be a reflection of our diversity.
  • Put the needs of the youth over that of the organization as a priority
  • Provide an healthy alternative activity for our Muslim youth
  • Engage our local businesses and organizations in a meaningful relationship with the community.
  • Nurchure a sense of leadership, identity, self-esteem and confidence in the Muslim Youth with dedicated volunteers and strong role models
  • Encourage the youth to be the best that they can be both in character and in sport through physical activity
  • Expand on opportunities for Dawah (promotion of the Islam)
  • Encourage Sadaqah (Charity) both individually and collectively through annual events
  • Conduct ISL oprations with a strong sense of professional conduct