The Islamic Soccer League is community-based, non-profit organization. It has expanded remarkably since it’s humble beginnings in 1997. What began as a small recreational program for 34 local children coached by two volunteer coaches is now a multi-faceted league with over 100 volunteer coaches catering to over 1600 participants ages 5 to 18. ISL is commitment to providing all players with a rewarding, enjoyable soccer-playing experience tailored to helping players become more confident, assertive, independent and self-controlled. Through soccer ISL works to instil a stronger sense of self-worth in its players based on their mastery of skills and understanding of the game. Players have the opportunity to assume leadership, cooperate with others; question actions and regulations and accept responsibility for their own behaviour.

The Islamic Soccer League’s mission is to nurture good moral character and provide opportunities for players to socialize with others successfully and to learn positive people skills.


1997 ISL begins with 34 players.
1999 ISL is established as an intramural, not-for-profit community organization administered by parent volunteers, offering a recreational house league program for local children.
1999 ISL introduces its “rep” program.
1999 ISL establishes an all-girls house league, providing girls an opportunity to participate.
1999 The girls divisions progressively expanded to include Under 6 to Under 18 divisions in house league as well as a competitive program.
1999 ISL is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization and unveils its new website.
2002 ISL introduces its Adult house league program.
2006 ISL introduces scholarships of $500.00 to players or coaches who are involved in the league and attending post secondary studies. We now offer scholarships of $750.00.
2007 ISL revamps their website and introduces online soccer registration and a web-based team management system
2007 ISL introduces its outdoor recreation league, for over age players wishing to continue their participation in organized soccer.
2007 ISL marks its 10th anniversary, while also introducing indoor coaches soccer.
2010 The Learn-to-Play format is introduced to the Under-4 and Under-5 divisions.
2010 ISL launches its Umrah 2012 campaign.
2012 Umrah 2012 sees several boys teams participate in soccer tournaments in Saudia Arabia as performing Umrah in Mecca.
2012 ISL marks its 15th anniversary.